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(NEW REVIEWS) Amerakin Overdose, nothingland, Rivers Collide, Selected, IOTA

Amerakin Overdose - Bleed

Another absolutely huge and immense banger. It just crushed ! It's slow , low, down and heavy. Great video work here too. I thought this was really fun and definitely gets your head moving. This band never disappoints to bring great Nu Metal.

nothingland - No Sun

This is one of those songs that just soul crushingly heavy due to the distortion , tone and fuzz being produced that's so immense. I loved it. It had a similarity Helmet a little for me and music in that scene. It really is a kick ass song. It transports you for sure and melts your brain.

Rivers Collide - Diversity

Great, classic metalcore approach here and you utilized and executed it nicely! It has a smoothe and great sound and texture but remains raw and banging. Bonus points for the artwork.

Selected - Steel

Straight forward brutal! The vocals really make this song feel heavy. Great Death Metal vibes and influences! Blistering and full of screeching. It's definitely great for a death metal playlist.

IOTA - Medicine

This was absolutely nailed. The whole aesthetic is fantastic and perfect. The grungy, deep bass with the fuzzy guitar just sounds like bliss. The vocals are raw and not overly performed. This whole track just has a really great punk & grunge feel to it I highly enjoy. The video matches the gritty quality of the song and its really fun.

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