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(NEW REVIEWS) Alley of the Dolls, *invalence, Voice Of Ruin, Geister Deck, Within A Reverie

Alley of the Dolls - Lower East Side

Really cool work here. I really like the mix of grunge with almost a slight country twist in there that isn't overbearing and works well together. Really smoothe and soothing track with great guitar.

*invalence - Parts Worth Remembering

First thing that caught my attention and what I really love about this track is those warm, embracing and thick fuzzy riffs. Fantastic melodic parts as well, vocals really blend in nicely in the mix. Little bit of parts are reminiscent in a deftones way. Really solid tune.

Voice Of Ruin - I - The Vile King

Head banging inducing track here. Awesome mixture of fast paced whiplash and low and slow brutal moments. Vocals are super prominent on this one. Also I absolutely love that bass tone. Just a really solid metal track here with heavy Death Metal elements sprinkled through out.

Geister Deck - The Pain Within

Really awesome , great , heavy baseline right off the bat. The drums sound great in the mix. These riffs have a super deep rich sort of prog vibe going on, the vocal affects sound great too and really blends nicely with this track. This track manages to be heavy but also on the hard rock side. Good stuff!

Within A Reverie - My Fears Have Become My Reality

As far as metalcore goes, this hits it right on the nail and is the epitome of the genre. Great melodic dissonant guitars with vocals to match. Heavy verses that really punch and balance the soft with the hard. Nice lyrics and video to accompany .

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