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(NEW REVIEWS) A Square Legacy, Winterwar, City In Oblivion, Expedition, Draugrath

A Square Legacy - Call of the Servant

This is super epic!! This one is a journey through music and visuals. It has story telling qualities and really kind of has this raw , visceral vibe to it. I can hear elements of so many different subgenres in this track but overall it just comes out as powerful ass metal!

Winterwar - A Warlock’s Funeral

Amazing work here! I really enjoy this. It has such a good black metal tone and distortion but it's also pretty smoothe in the production which is interesting! Love the lyrical content and overall imagery with this metal banger.

City In Oblivion - METS

This is what I like to hear. This has a real , authentic and impressive dynamic sound that really pops. Got a great punk vibe going with some gritty sludgy guitar tones and upbeat vocals. Really has a throwback quality with modern elements. Really rocking tune.

Expedition - I Am Nothing

This was super solid! Just raw upbeat and viscious energy, love the gritty kind of oldschool texture to the playing and recording style. It makes it even more enjoyable for me. Really just a kickass metal tune with a nice video to compliment the track.

 Draugrath - Dead Rising

This one is just deep , down and dirty. Love it. It immediately smacks you with brutality and ruggedness. It has a nice feeling of Black Metal recording quality wise, very gritty and the vocals really propel the track with the nice distant shred of the guitar in the back. I really like the overall tone and feeling of this tracks and it makes me hopefully for future releases!

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