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(NEW REVIEWS) 22 HERTZ, Parting With Origin, Within A Reverie, AydrA, Widow Anchor

22 HERTZ - Gravity

This was pretty neat! It definitely had some industrial and electronic influences here, a little bit on the NIN side of metal/rock. I think there's pretty good potential here, this seems promising for the full album.

Parting With Origin - We All Wear Our Curses

Wow! These deep , heavy djenty and chugging riffs were absolutely face melting and brutal! Great vocal approach that absolutely punches and carries its own weight. Every element of this track was totally banging. Super thick production. The video was also fantastic to fit the vibe the track is bringing.

Within A Reverie - Mainline Cyanide

Really great work here. Nice metalcore feel to it , super heavy riffs and blood curdling vocals with nice dashes of melody. Honestly a really cool band name as well. Super solid material.

AydrA - Psycho Pain Control

This was brilliant. I love to discover hidden gems like this, this had an absolutely amazing authentic thrash and death metal feel to it. A blast from the past with a sound that still holds up brilliantly.

Widow Anchor - Contest

This was brilliant! Really great aggressive and heavy Massacre of a track. Loved the tone and groove here, really reminiscent of metalcore work. Great video with some humor as well.

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