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(NEW HEAVY REVIEWS) Wroht, Wirefall, CaudleBros Music, PVRS, Beyond the Veil

Wroht - Forged in Fire

One of the best in a hot minute! Love the absolute brutality every element of this track is brinigng. The artwork is mysterious and dark, super fitting for the sound of this track. Just an absolute banging release.

Wirefall - SPF

Fantastic work here! Love this nu metal resurgence going on and capturing the early 2000s with a modern approach. Good rap and metal mix here. Great melodic work too.

CaudleBros Music - Creation Transcended

Super high quality work all over the board here! Very impressive. Great brutal gutturals and nice dissonant guitar work. Also ringing in the melody when needed to balance the track. High quality audio and video production.

PVRS - Ablaze

Another amazing , dynamic release. I really enjoyed the heavy Doom and sludge vibes here instrumentally. Vocals were the hero here , just really giving that tormenting feel. Great listen and more promising material.

Beyond the Veil - Terminus

Wow! This is an exciting track. It really threw me for a surprise. The intro really gives off softer rock vibes and then it totally turns into metal Domination. Cool work here , I'm impressed and it's a fun song for sure.

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