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(NEW HEAVY REVIEWS) Dark Gravity, Tides of Chaos, Altered Rebirth, Below the Stones, Black Pegasus

Dark Gravity - Choose Violence

Really great energy! I enjoyed the vocal cadence and rhythm switch ups here. The video is dynamic and not overdone, it gives a promising feel to hear some more great metalcore music from the band!

Tides of Chaos - Surrender Now

Really great and dynamic intro, definitely plays on anticipation because you know it's going to be heavy! And it didn't dissapoint. Solid melodic metal here.

Altered Rebirth - We'll Never Sleep Again

Really enjoyable heavy tune here. It matches intensity and heaviness lyrically as much as instrumentally which is appropriate and appreciated. Really just a brutal whiplash track from start to finish.

Below the Stones - Goliath

This was very solid and really embodies the feel of the metalcore genre! Great heavy riffs and nice sprinkles of melodic vocals. I thought the chorus was very good and the artwork is banging.

Black Pegasus - Stellar Graveyard

Awesome. This was absolutely sludgy and dirty , very raw and rugged and brought through some immense power. It really was a splendid surprise. Some Doom vibes here and there too. Also the artwork is fantastic and simple.

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