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(NEW HEAVY RELEASES) Sanguinem, Spiritwaker, Orinoco, Brenna, Mürtenscythe and more.

Sanguinem - Fragments Of Nothing

This track really displays nice, classic, oldschool death metal elements with some groove and melodic undertones. Pretty cool! The band gives off a nice heavy vibe in general. Nice gritty listening!

Spiritwaker - Breathe In

Awesome vibes brought here immediately, throw me back a little to early 2000s metalcore. A bit of a killswitch vibe here. Awesome melody balanced with heaviness.

Orinoco - Resolution_Execution

Absolutely brutal musical assault! Amazing Death metal elements here , maybe even a little tech death. Love the guttural lows and over all tempo of the track is nice.

Brenna - In Your Head

Super neat early 2000s nu metal vibes with a modern , metalcore twist. Very enjoyable, it's heavy and headbanging but still has a hard rock radio vibe. Great audio production, also the video is vibrant and well shot. Makes this even cooler!

Mürtenscythe - The Sorcerer's Apprenctice

Nice and brutal, the way we like it. Has a mixture of death metal and black metal elements and tones, it's very gritty and muddy sounding in a nice way! Nice artwork and lyrical concepts. Overall a great heavy metal vibe.

The Virulent - Through the Vastness

Wow I really loved the energy here! Raw energy! Very cool classic thrash oriented. Full of refined chaos and really gives you whiplash. This song feels like a pit opener! Also great visual themes in the video. Super promising first listen!

Scolopendra - Event Horizon

Amazing, high quality work. It unleashes the full power of death metal! Great performance by everyone in the band. Another solid release. Powerful riffs and vocals, with a nice visualizer.

Saidon Official - Murder

Absolutely loved this one! Great solid work, it's a monstrous song. Super nice and clean mix of groove metal and death , it brings that classic sound mixed with modern influence and is pulled of super tightly. Vocally there's even a hint of black metal inspiration. It just really embodies heavy music.

False Hydra - PinkGrapefruit

This was super rad. Had a great Garage, demo quality to it. Nice and raw music! Had some punk, Grunge and alternative influences. With a gritty , heavy quality to it with an interesting , eye catching name.

Kelly Murphy Music - Circles

Another great track! This one definitely displays more djent and progressive metal tones and qualities. This is a really great studio project, very solid metal releases!

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