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Neon Funeral Interview

1. How did you guys develop this style? What inspired it?

Randy the vocalist and I (Kevin) guitarist grew up through the mid 2000's New Jersey hardcore scene and then ended up becoming roommates around 2018. We used to love listening to bands like the Cure, the smiths, and Depeche Mode among others. We wanted to try to somehow mesh the angst driven and aggression of heavier hardcore bands all the while bringing in this new love of postpunk and new wave music we were so drawn to.

2. The name "Neon Funeral" really matches the feel of the music , was that intentional?

That was something we all sat down and brainstormed names we thought could describe the sound we wanted to make. We had a few other names but ended up with this one because it just sounded cooler and more appropriate. 

3. When and how did the band start?

The band pretty much started in 2018-2019 before covid hit. We also had written well over a dozen or more songs during the early years that may never be released because we're very critical of the songs we put out and I feel like we were still evolving at that time. We had also lost our drummer who moved away which directed the music to a more electronic sound by 2021.

4. Was this style of music always the objective?

I think for the most part we were set out to make something we thought could connect to likeminded people like us who love more aggressive screamo and hardcore but also have a love for 80's nostalgia. If we were like that, we thought there must be other people out there who want to hear the same thing. More of an evolved sound or progression of two genres into something not necessarily heard the way we approached it was the ultimate goal.

5. Do you think there will be any evolution within the sound in the future?

 I think yes were always evolving our sound and adter releasing this latest EP, we have idea's and goals for the future. We definitely don't want to release another "Banner From the Goth Club" sounding record. We're currently in the writing stages of our next project and grabbing inspiration from bands like Sonic Youth.

6. What is the ultimate goal?

The ultimate goal for us at least more realistically would be to have the opportunity to share the music to larger audiences. We would love the opportunity to support a larger band on a tour and start touring out more. It's hard booking a band sounding like us. Hardcore kids are very protective of the scene and the goth kids can be gatekeepers and vice versa.

7. What has been the usual reactions you see from new listeners?

It's usually very polarizing for most people. Some listeners really love it and support us. They come to our shows loyally and buy our merch and really make an attempt to inspire us to keep going. While others tend to shut it down immediately either once they hear the vocals or if there isn't a breakdown to accompany the screaming it just sounds too conflicted and confusing. 

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