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Movment Interview

1. What about music makes you love it?

Kevin: From an early age we were both big fans of music. Our taste has evolved, so we both like a broad range of music now, but it is mainly rock and alternative.

Martin: Yeah, music is a big part of our lives. Ultimately, we are big fans of music and constantly listen to new bands, but also keep bands we are fans of in our playlists.

Kevin: I cannot imagine a life without music. It is definitely a key part of life for us. It affects us in many different ways.

2. When and how did the band form?

Martin: We are brothers so initially I got a drum kit, and then Kevin got a bass, and from there we formed a band.

Eventually I became the vocalist. And Kevin moved to guitar.

Kevin: Initially we just wanted to play instruments, probably inspired by punk and the attitude that anyone can play.

I still believe that to be the case. We are focused on creating unique music now. It is a means of expressing ourselves.

It is very important to be creative and put a lot of ourselves into our music. We are passionate about that.

Martin: yeah, once we progressed to vocalist and guitarist, we improved our songwriting and now we know what works for us when we are writing and playing.

It is rock based, but we use synthesizers and electronics too.

3. Could you see yourself ever doing anything else? Or is your biggest passion?

Kevin: No, we have other hobbies and interests, but music is a big part of our lives. We are working on a new album at present so that takes up a lot of our time.

Martin: We put as much time as we can into writing and recording songs.

Kevin: I don't think we would spend all our time on music though. You need to take breaks and do other things. But at the moment our focus is on songwriting.

And recording new songs. This will be complete in about 2 months or so. Then we will probably go to

lots of gigs and festivals and enjoy the music that is being created by other musicians. That is a big

part of being into music. Listening for new bands that are exciting and appealing to us.

4. What do you think makes a song great?

Martin: It is difficult to know. I'm not sure there is a formula that can be created, or maybe with AI this will happen, who knows.

But I am attracted to new unique songs that grab my attention. As for the musical style, it could be rock or punk or electronic. There are genres that are more appealing to me than others.

Kevin: From my experience, I find that a lot of albums have a few standout songs, and what makes them great, is something that resonates with me. It might not appeal as much to others.

I keep lists of tracks I like and add them to playlists. And if I like a band I buy their CD, yes, I still do that.

So, playlists are important to me. I still listen to full albums, but some songs are better than others and these are added to my playlists.

5. How has your experience been with Wormholedeath / Epictronic ?

Martin: We are working with Epictronic, Carlo's other label. We find Carlo very supportive of what we do.

Kevin: Carlo has been very active in promoting us and we hope to build on our relationship with Epictronic on future releases.

This can only be achieved by working hard and creating music, which we are doing. Epictronic are a vital part of our musical journey now.

We very much appreciate the support as we are focused on creating music, videos, and artwork for Movment.

6. Do you have any favourites on the Wormholedeath / Epictronic roster?

Martin: I like these bands on Epictronic at the moment - Hermanos and 22 for Silicon Alone. and I also like these bands on Wormholedeath - The Way of Purity, Wasteland Viper and Hok-Key from Belarus.

Kevin: Yes, I like Left of the Slash and Crazy Zombie at the moment on Epictronic.

And I like Iamber who have just signed with Wormholedeath. And Flush. Great punk.

And also, Artamene from Iran, and Malus Dextra from the US.

7. What are your plans for future releases?

Kevin: We are finalizing our next album and are almost ready to start tracking. We might have the first single from the album out in May but cannot confirm this just yet.

Martin: Yeah, we have 17 songs, and will release 10 or 11 on our new album, probably in September 2023, and follow it up with a series of singles in 2024.

We will also release 3 singles from the new album over the Summer. We are working on this. We cannot confirm the release dates yet.

8. What's going through your mind after you finish a song?

Martin: I'm not sure how much effort other musicians put into a song, but we spend a lot of time bringing initial jams and demos to a final completed song.

Sometimes this is relatively quick, but when we work on an album and have 17 - 20 songs under review, it can take a while.

Kevin: Yeah, we have a method that we use now, but the biggest part of it is deciding what is working, and what will be released.

Our songs evolve quite a bit between the starting point and completion. I'm sure this is similar to a lot of bands.

We have to get excited by each song before deciding to release it.

Martin: Songwriting is an ongoing process. We are always writing. It is just when we near the completion of an album that we focus on those songs only.

Once the album is completed, we normally feel it is the best we can do with those songs. Songs depend on the effort we put into them. It can be a quite complicated process at times. For us we focus on the details, so that takes time. I think that’s what makes great songs. I know some songs can completed in a short space of time, but we work hard to make each song as good as it can be.

Kevin: Yeah, we would hope that what we release is as good as it can be, so we are fulfilled once a song is complete, but we don't dwell too much on it.

We just move on to the next song or jam. We have to take regular breaks from songs and then come back and give them a new fresh listen. The whole process is very elaborate, really. Sometimes the initial ideas come together quite quickly

but getting it to completion is complicated.

So, there is a degree of satisfaction when it is complete.

9. Tell us more about your latest release

Kevin: Our last release was a single Violence, with a 2nd track, Eyes That Scream. It was recorded in our own home studio, and there was some additional recording and mixing in

Grouse Lodge Recording Studios, Ireland.

We were pleased with the final mix. It is quite powerful.

Martin: The song is about anger, rage, and the turmoil in our heads at times of intense pressure. It is best if we face up to turmoil and chaos. We all face difficulties in life, they are everywhere.

Anger and Rage can push us on. It has a time and place and can be useful.

Our next single should be out in May.


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