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Max Enix Interview

Interview with Max Enix

Composer/Songwriter (music), singer, lyricist, art director, manager, actor, producer.

1. How did you decide the style of music for this project? 

Before starting to compose this double album I didn't have a well defined style in mind ! I wanted above all to be carried by the story I had written (the scenario). I conceived the compositions like a film music with keyboard (strings mainly) and piano (alternating) then and thought of the elements which could well be interwoven with all that by giving indications or not (choruses, percussions, rhythmics, colors, songs, sounds FX...)! In the end I knew that it would be a meeting between film music and rock/metal but incorporating many other aspects from where the fusion of genres (Jazz, world/New Age, Hip Hop, variety, opera etc. ...)! Once the orchestrations were finished, all the instrumental parts were finalized as well as the final vocal lines (guests and mine)... So I could really realize the style of the music. I will say that it is an unclassifiable style where everyone will be able to find its account. A new genre or at least a new approach. Some said "epic power progressive rock/metal opera" but I would say that it is above all very symphonic, deep, emotional and melodic. Music that touches the soul!

2. What's an important message you want to portray through your work?

There are many messages associated with my work! My projects are based on universal and deep messages! The goal is the union of people, of origins towards the same cause and the same common goal ! Peace, Love, Freedom, Innocence, Justice, Respect and above all Wonder ! I wish to make the listeners travel in known spheres, real but at the same time unknown, even irreal. To make the soul travel in various magical lands on earth and elsewhere in the Cosmos and its immensity. I wish to make people aware of the beauty of things, of the spirituality that surrounds us and animates us, but also of the horror that human beings are capable of (their unhealthy mechanisms that have repercussions on a drifting and nauseating society)! The projects will always be very different from each other but always with the same engine: PASSION before all the rest to be able to mark the spirits! And the HOPE of a better world for the future generations... We don't want any more futile and meaningless wars! UNION and FREEDOM to act and think as we wish.

3. What's the significance of this project? 

The double album "Far From Home" which will be released on June 9, 2023 and the future projects will be released under Max Enix (except for collaborations) ! Enix is the contraction of Phoenix! The phoenix that rises from its ashes. We all have qualities and flaws, and sometimes inconsistencies. We all make mistakes in our earthly existence but the goal is to understand them so as not to repeat them. Try to find our balance and that of this world at the same time as soon as possible. Not to let ourselves be absorbed by the negative aspects (mediocrity) of our world, not to let ourselves be controlled by our condition, its harmful aspects which lock us up and to succeed in getting out of it, to find other perspectives ! And of course saying the things which are wrong in this upside down world at the same time. To free ourselves from our chains. The meaning of the project is there. To constantly learn from our mistakes in order to aspire to deeper, more emotional, more vast things. To widen our fields of consciousness towards a more intense light. Even if a catastrophe occurs, difficult things, even insurmountable... we must always try to find solutions and keep hope until the end. In this sense, everything is POSSIBLE, even the most outrageous ambitions. Follow your instinct to aspire to your personal happiness and joy, even if this is sometimes difficult to achieve depending on the circumstances! From the shadows to the light lies the equilibrium, HOPE always! The immortality of the soul...

4. State some of your earliest influences! 

I've listened to a lot of very diverse and varied music. I like music that is out of the box, unconventional and innovative in any genre. Too much music sounds the same! Of course I think of bands like Pink Floyd or the Beatles who revolutionized music in their time. Just like Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Elton John... Or Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, James Horner... But I also think of Devin Townsend, Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation), Steven Wilson, Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), Toby Driver... Who keep on pushing the limits... Or Arcturus, Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Evergrey, Gojira, Opeth, Enigma, Era, Therion, Anathema, Katatonia, Nightwish, Korn, Evanescence, Paradise Lost, Marillion, Rhapsody, System of a down, Linkin Park... I liked variety music too like Pascal Obispo, Calogero, Florent Pagny, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adele or Robbie Williams for example. The list is too long to mention everyone and the influences too numerous! Eclecticism is the word! That said I tried to move away from it to propose a unique and recognizable music among thousands of others. In this sense I consider myself as a precursor.

5. What do you want to be remembered for? 

I wish to be remembered for the fight I constantly lead against injustices and inequality in the world. A being among others who shows another way than the one of excessive profit but a serene way where beauty will replace mediocrity. Where peace will replace war. Where the common sense will reign on a suffering Earth. Where each being can evolve in his own way and move towards a starry, stellar and positive way. The present world no longer needs weapons, conflicts, divisions, violence, spitting, domination, wars (of territory...) and hatred but on the contrary needs oxygen, to settle down, to meditate, to breathe, to reflect, to dream of a better world in peace and in harmony with the elements, the fauna, the flora, the Cosmos and his others intelligences. Like a gigantic and refreshing waterfall that illuminates our souls.

6. Your favorite part of making a track? 

I think my favorite part is the conception of the composition itself! Discovering where the emotions lead, shivering as you take one path, then another... One note following another, an emotion that turns into joy or tears like a flower that you pick or images that gradually take shape before your eyes. All aspects of creation, including singing...! To let oneself be carried by the multiple perfumes... To see birds flying away and flying towards new horizons. Creation is infinite.

7. One message for your listeners? 

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will enjoy listening to this Far From Home double album and that it will make you want to dive into the story! This double album lasts almost 2h40, was recorded with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, includes many guests recognized in the world and will be accompanied by a 48Pages booklet! Not to mention the 3CDS orchestral version which will bring a totally different listening experience with exclusive FX sounds. I thank everyone for your time and your trust! If the project is a success it will be also thanks to you all !

8. Tell us about the plans for this upcoming release ? 

Many reviews of albums, interviews, articles are coming ! Original goodies too and many surprises! The first clip "Beyond my Blood" is scheduled for May 4th 2023, the next one "The Broken Face" will be released on May 18th 2023 and so on! They will be very surprising, epic and filmic! After the release of the double album on June 9, 2023... other magnificent and epic clips are planned! A firework of colors just like the concerts which will be very worked, professional on all the points! The goal is that everything will be transcendent as well as the future festivals, tours in the world and the future projects which will be innovative and never heard/seen before!

9.  Tell me about your experience with Wormholedeath

I couldn't hope for a better label than WormHoleDeath! Carlo Bellotti is a great guy and I really respect his background! We are really on the same wavelength, which is not always the case! He has a broad vision of the world around us, is constantly looking for the balance between the telluric and the cosmic, knows how to put himself in the place of others... In parallel of the label work, he takes care of abandoned or abused dogs (or who did not have the life they deserved). He has a lot of heart with the people who have them too and says things straight (like it or not)! I recognize myself in him on many points! I sincerely think that things are guided by an elsewhere (Wormhole or Black hole maybe ;)  Wormholedeath is already a family for me! It's a future partnership that I see with Carlo and his great team around (he does film production too in parallel between other things) ! A label that I recommend to all those who have ambition, the means of their ambition , who work hard and with passion above all!

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