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Matthew Rodino - Worldly Powers Review

Bio: Solo musician. All my music is written recorded and produced by me.

Overview: "This is my song worldy powers. It is a death metal song with some progressive influences. It has super heavy riffage and verse sections, followed by a great melodic mid section. The song is concise and to the point, making a short and lasting impact leaving little if anything to be desired"


If you love gritty metal , this one is for you! I immediately loved the raw , super gritty aggressive approach. I mean right off the bat these riffs are insane, just super powerful and thick. The tone is killer! The lower quality production actually favors this track. Giving it a desirable quality that i think metalheads alike enjoy. I'd simply say that this is a great Death Metal track with some Prog undertones/influence. It would fit nicely into some heavy playlists! Nice brutal vocals with some instrumental work that did really remind me of some of Gojiras earlier material.


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