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Malxolm Brixkhouse Interview

1. How would you describe going from Unlocking The Truth to solo? How is the process different for you?

The sanitized answer to becoming a solo artist is, “It takes a lot of work, time, effort and a whole lot of money to keep a band together.  Long story short, we grew up, graduated and I started over as Malxolm Brixkhouse.

The only thing that’s different is that I’m looking for a new back-up band in a city full of rappers.  LOL!  I was writing and creating all of the music anyway, so like I just mentioned, I just need a good band willing to play my songs and go on the road.  Until then, I’ll just keep writing and composing.  My old drummer (Jarad) and I are in the process of giving it another go.  I’m still auditioning guitarists, bassists and drummers.  I need to have some musicians on-call!  LOL!

2. As a performer, frontman and vocalist, how was it opening for bands like Guns N' Roses, Metallica, etc., and singing for that many people?  How did it make you feel?

To tell you the truth, performing is the most fun and best part of being a musician.  I love the energy I get from the crowd and it feels good knowing people really enjoy your music.  I was really young back then and didn’t realize just how big those bands and festivals were.  I was just so happy to be performing in front of a real, live audience.  I “played band” so much as a kid in my basement that when I finally got to do “real shows”, it was a dream come true. 

Living Colour was the first band to take us on the road and it seemed like after that, we started getting all kinds of offers.  I remember we got an email from Metallica’s team to perform at Heavy Montreal and we thought it was spam. LOL!

3. What are the goals you're wanting to accomplish with your solo project?

My goal was always to be a musician, songwriter, composer, producer and engineer and here I am.  This is what I do.

4. What does this song "1 More Time" mean for you?

“It's like you'd rather keep me locked in a cage than escape everyday, leave me hopeless.  Just kiss me one more time ‘cause if I die, I'll never know".   Looking to find something; love in someone who I know doesn't have any love to give or show.  The idea that this person just might have what I'm missing keeps me chasing after it.  But once again, at the end of the race, I'm left with nothing and the process starts all over again.  A dog chasing its tail.

5. What is going through your mind when you write a track?

Truthfully, how can I outdo my last song and how long is this going to take! 

Also, I always have melodies bouncing around in my head.  I just need to find time to write and record them.  It’s a lot of work and I’m doing it on my own too.

6. If you could describe what listeners should expect from your solo music in one sentence, what would it be?

Well, according to my mom, “Ladies & Gentlemen, without further ado, another bang, bang, banger by Malxolm Brixkhouse.” 

Corny but that’s pretty much it!

7. I really like the artwork seen on the track "1 More Time".  Does it have any meaning?

I couldn't think of anything musical to write that day, so I started an arts and craft project that turned into the cover art for "1 More Time".  It honestly has no correlation to the song, but I knew I wanted to create a picture out of these girls on a couple Porno DVD covers I found in a box outside.  The cover you see is what was my final creation.  It goes right along with my "$ex & Sadheart" idea I'm trying to perfect; so in retrospect, it's just another expression of myself.  I'm not just a musician you know.

8. One message for your listeners?

Thank you for your continued support.  I really appreciate you guys.  I’ll have a new band soon and always expect more new music. 

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