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Little Pig Interview

1. How did you decide the style of music you wanted to play?

We come from the Alice in Chains tribute band experience, and we formed ourselves musically during the nineties when grunge and alternative music had been tattooed remarkably on our skin. The style we play is the most comfort coat we use to wear.

2. What's an important message you want to portray through your work?

Freedom, and hope trough the lights and the shadows that you can experiment listening to us.

3. What's the significance of the band name? 

Nothing in particular. We meant to keep some irony in this project, and we wrote this song called Little Pig almost as a joke. That was our starting point and we even named the band after that!

4. State some of your earliest influences! 

If we talk about what made us want to pick up our instruments, well, Metallica, Guns n’ Roses and then, of course, all the bands of the Grunge era.

5. What do you want to be remembered for? 

Some good songs and the way we developed our own style.

6. Your favorite part of making a track? 

Maybe when we start harmonizing vocals and layering guitar parts.

7. One message for your listeners? 

Never stop doing what you love, and listening to the music you really feel your own. You will meet people like you, sooner or later, and maybe you could start a band!

8. Tell us about your release "27 "

27 is our second single and our first videoclip. It’s a very meaningful song to us. You know, we all grew up with the myth of Rockstars dead at 27 years old, and especially Cobain’s death shook us when we were teenagers. So we asked ourselves how revolutionary would be to turn your back at the problems that can kill you and simply keep on living! We know this isn't easy at all.. you can fall into many temptations to ease your pain, but hey, we're still here at forty

9.  Tell me about your experience with Wormholedeath.

So far so good! People at WHD are so nice and supportive…and we are grateful for the exposure we’re having after we started collaborating with them.

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