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  1. So firstly, I want to ask how did the name KEEPMYSECRETS come about?

I just came up with it randomly, it sounded cool to me. I thought doing it in all caps and no spaces was kinda cool and I like the acronym KMS. I told my buddy about it, we were going to start a band and he told me it was kind of gay. I was like alright. So yeah, we didn’t make the band. We were going to name it Six Sad World but then the band kind of broke up, so I just took the name Six Sad World for my Instagram handle and kept KEEPMYSECRETS as my gay rap name.

2. I saw you got your start in the pop-punk scene, I just want to know how long that went on for? What made you decide to switch genres?

I grew up on a weird mix of rap and rock and I fell in and out of different subcultures. I was in a pop-punk band in 2012, we were just doing acoustic stuff but ended it in 2013. And then I was in a hardcore band in 2014 and that ended. Then I was in another pop-punk band in 2015, I haven’t done anything since then. I was always rapping as a joke since 2011, my friends would always take it seriously and I’d get on their songs and rap about poop and farts and whatever. I was like if I ever decided to take this seriously, I wanted to be high quality. So that’s what took me forever, I didn’t think I was gonna be able to make myself sound good, then I tried and it sounded good so I started doing KMS.  I always loved this genre of music, I feel like it has the same energy as the shit I was doing before but I don’t have to take it over with 4 dudes. At the end of the night when I’m getting paid, I know that I’m gonna take everything that I made from the show and invest it back into my music. It's cool just being my own dude, doing my own shit so if it works out, you know that it’s all me that made it work and if I fail then it's all me that made it fail.

3. You have a great singing voice, did this come naturally? Or was this something you had to practice for?

My dads’ side of the family for generations were full of country singers, guitar players and stuff like that. I think I got a little bit of that passed down but at the same time it took me a really long time to sing like I do now. I’ve always been able to sing but it took me a lot of practice to get where I’m at now, Jonny Craig is my favorite singer so I just wanna sing like him minus the heroin.

4. You’ve become infamous from the KMS memes, like the pee hat for example. What are your thoughts on this?

I think its fucking hilarious, I love the whole army of people that made memes about me peeing on this fuckin girl’s hat. I think its incredible, its fuckin awesome. I wish I got more support on my music like I did for the memes, its not cool but its funny now. Like people will recognize me in the mall in my town, or people come to my shows and want me to pee in their hat. I remember a couple months ago, I was talking shit to some girl on the internet and she was like “aren’t you the guy that’s only famous for peeing in a hat and you tried to drag it out for so long?”, I didn’t drag out shit, I didn’t make a single meme. I literally went outside and peed on a hat, that’s all I did. I wasn’t trying to make a name for myself, I was just trying to disrespect this bitch.

5. Everyone’s excited about your new album, was writing this album any different from your previous one?

No it was the same. Same setup, I do everything in my bedroom. I just think this one is more mature and it flows a lot better. The songwriting is better and the production quality is just tenfold than it was on the first one.

6. Personally, how would you describe your sound?

I would say The Weekend, White Boy Weekend, The Week Day. I definitely don’t think I sound like lil peep, people like to throw me in that. Its either post-Malone, juice wrld or lil peep and I don’t hear any of those in my shit. I don’t listen to emo-rap, I’m not into that. RM Bleed, that’s what I hear.

7. Who are your major influences that made the most impact in your sound?

Jonny Craig, just his vocal style not his personal behaviors. Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, Meatloaf, 50 cent, Slim Dunkin, Waka Flocka and The Weekend.

8.What’s your favorite song to perform live? Where’s your favorite place you’ve performed at?

My favorite place that I’ve ever performed at was either the Furmanite in Greenville or Arizona Pete’s in Greensboro, that was really cool. My favorite song to perform live is probably crying in the rain or Vampires. That’s my shit.

9. You originate from South Carolina and you’ve had a big influence on the sound there, what do you think about the local scene?

Everybody in South Carolina, can eat my fuckin ass. That’s it. If you’re in the music scene in SC and you’re doing what I’m doing, FUCK YOU.

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