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Küntsquäd Interview

1. Tell us about your release " God's Of War 

Paula: Gods of War is an introspective into the ravages and losses that all wars waged result in and the physical, psychological and social destruction of peoples freedoms and lives. There are no winners ever, only pain suffered, particularly women and children who are the victims in the crossfire, and often human life denigrated to a status known as ‘collateral damage’. Such hypocrisy in the the belief that there may be winners in any of the propaganda that’s spewed forth from the various monopolised media outlets are an abhorrent travesty further causing so much death, grief, displacement, famine, genocide, etc etc..

Steve: I would just like to say that it's sad that songs like Gods Of War are always relevant. There is always a war going on somewhere 

2. What feeling do you hope people get from your music? 

Whilst our content is often extreme or aggressive and themed very much around death and the human condition, our objective is to provide a distraction and allow us to entertain, allow us into people’s headspace to join us in purging some of that stuff that we have no control of in our lives. Music is cathartic and invigorating, we hope it has that effect on others.  

Steve: Yeah. Paula is right on. It's all about release. And the great thing is, you get to meet like minded people at gigs.

3. How do you prepare for recording a track? 

We rehearse a lot, usually weekly, as we all still have day jobs. But really there’s not much we do apart from have an idea as to what we individually need to get across in our performance. Part of our ethos is that a recording is just a snapshot in time and place, so for us to achieve our sounds, it needs to remain an organic process, not one that is contrived or formulated because of trends or genres or overproduction. We’re pretty old school that way in that we want the recorded stuff to be indicative of what one would get in a live performance. For us it’s a matter of not over thinking or over preparing, it’s about being authentic and true to ourselves and how we want to be represented out there in our community. 

4. What keeps your passion for music alive? 

Performance and the opportunity to be creative is a commonality amongst us all. We all enjoy listening to a broad variety of music and support emerging bands in our scene as much as possible, with the hope of adding to a legacy that is universal in heavy music, without being too derivative. Discovering new bands and how they go about their work is always invigorating and a challenge to keep improving oneself in terms of song writing and performance. 

5. Who do you look up to and how have they influenced you? 

Steve: We like a lot of different music, but we especially like more extreme bands without wanting to emulate any band in particular.

Paula: we have diverse musical tastes within the band, but the commonality is the fact we all like extreme music to varying degrees and styles. I personally enjoy old school bands the most; bands like Sepultura , Discharge, ENT and Sadistik Exekution including old school black metal and death metal such as Dark Throne, Mayhem and their contemporaries. But we also all have huge admiration for the forefathers of all things heavy: AC/DC , Maiden, Sabbath, Motörhead etc. ( Rok from Sad Ex designed our logo and  our CD cover art btw)

6. How has your music evolved over time? 

Paula: our sound evolved quite organically over time and wasn’t at any time something we set out to contrive, rather it evolved through the various influences each member bought into the band. It became heavier yet lyrically simpler and ultimately our aim was to produce something that was as brutal as possible but not a replica of any specific genre. We have always played within our means and not ever tried to think too hard about ‘who’ or ‘what’ we wanted to sound like, rather it was about our ethos regarding the attitude and emotion we wanted to convey. Ultimately it’s a combination of the various genres we all listen to in its various formats and eras. 


We don't really discuss what we are in that way. It's a never-ending circle and, at the end of the day, it doesn't mean much. Our style and sound developed from throwing ideas around and  being creative. We never intended to fit into a particular sub-genre 

7. How has your experience been with Wormholedeath? 

The label have been incredibly supportive and champions in exposing the band to a whole other universe. We are particularly humbled, honoured and grateful to Charli and his crew for giving us the opportunity to spread our music in places we only ever read about. So a massive horns up to Wormeholedeath for their belief I us and the recognition in our attempts to bring our brand of heavy to the extreme music genre. We have been fortunate in the way the label have encouraged others and promoted the band, resulting in a very positive reception for our album, from inclusion in playlists, airplay, reviews etc . They are truly legends for inspiring us to keep doing our thing. 

8. What is your ultimate goal? 

World domination.. is that a thing? Actually, it’s really again about that old school ethos we stand for…. that being, to stand up and have a go, enjoy yourself , hope to entertain , and more importantly melt people’s faces off with sheer raw brutal emotion. Melting people’s faces whilst having a good time is the ultimate aim . I figure who wouldn’t enjoy that right? Also playing big festivals and supporting the various legendary bands we’ve already mentioned. Now that would be a thing we’d be completely stoked about . 

Steve: tour, tour, tour.

Adam: Gigs, touring and next album . 

Paula: visits to strange exotic lands from outside the arse end of the world 

9. Favorite part about performing? 

Brett: Likes ....The,The rush you get  from playing live.

Adam: Love playing music to people. 

Paula: it’s definitely a cathartic thing for me. It allows me to purge and vent and exorcise everything that needs to be exorcised.. with a hope that something of worth has been created . It’s a small piece in time, in that space represented. Having people in your crowd ride the sonic wave with you is a definite high, especially if there’s a mad mosh pit, just so I can throw myself into it. The cathartic experience of sharing the aural-violence with those who need to be aurally-violated… that’s comradeship at its best connection . 

Steve: All of the above. To get rid of all that negative energy in such a positive manner is a real rush 

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