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Jshell - Haunted Review

Jshell is a veteran New York City Based singer / songwriter / Multi- Instrumentalist who just released his debut audio and visual album "IN MY HEAD"

This project also features Steve Hackett (Genesis), Katie Jacoby (The Who/Bruce Springsteen), Jake Cinninger (Umphrey's McGee) and Scott Metzger (JRAD/Wolf!).

this track here "Haunted" gives you a great idea of what to expect for the rest of the album, gives you high expectations that will not dissapoint! This bassline is killer and really carries the track! It makes you move. His voice really harmonizes so well with the instruments here! It's really a groove. The chorus kicks in so strongly, the guitar is powerful! The production is really high quality, the track is crafted masterfully. You can tell alot of thought and preparation went into this project.

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