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John Gallen - Enemy Review

This track is jam-packed full of interesting subject matter. I was a little unsure of the intro , but then this sort of disco vibe takes over and it gets you grooving. It's pop in a sense , but it also manages to have some underlying alternative tones. This track has soul to it as well! Quite a fascinating song from start to finish! In this project , John represents the 4 warring governments of Libya at the United Nations and the EU. He's trying to help in some sense for humitarian aid. To cap it off , he has a very uncomfortable sit down with a Libyan Warlord. This is his take on the experience! Quite some rigorous storytelling , imagery and lyricism here! It's overall a very enjoyable experience listening to this!

Very well produced and crafted. I'd say he checks all the boxes of good song writing.

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