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James Beastly - The Arc Of Youth Review

Artist overview:

"Straddling the line between edgy post-punk and bittersweet indie-rock James Beastly's songs paint a playfully perverse yet intimately surreal world of widescreen grandeur, beauty and menace. Based in San Francisco, he’s recorded and toured throughout the US and Canada as the guitarist for Return to Mono and was a founding member of the Santa Cruz pop punk band The Cast-Iron Canaries"

With corrosive riffs, memorable hooks and pop-punk vocals Arc Of Youth kicks up liberating delirium with spiky warped wisdom of devotion, paranoia and chaos. Featuring Emily Dolan Davies (The Darkness, Bryan Ferry, Tricky) on drums.

This is a super rad track! Immediately loved the upbeat and straight forward rocking punk tones! This song feels like an anthem! It just makes you want to get up and move. It has great lively energy and it's just instrumentally and vocally fun! The animated video is super thrilling and a nice touch. Production feels quality and authentic as well. Reccomended!


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