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 1. How does it feel to have been apart of so many childhoods and people lives in general?

It feels great to know trapt still has the support we need to keep doing what we love for a living even after 2 decades, as well as the majority of them knowing who I am and what I stand for. Most artists never let their fans see who they really are.

 2. How have you handled the highs and lows?

By continuing to put out new music and touring. We don’t feel any lows. We are doing what we love for a living without having to answer to any label or management team.

 3. These recent shows seem to be going well! How has touring been to you over the years?

Trapt has done some of our biggest headline shows in many years. Next year we will be co headlining an amazing tour starting in May. We will announce in the next month or so.

 4. What goes into making a good song for Trapt?

Inspiration and luck. The best songs are written when you’re not trying to write a great song. They come when you least expect it.

 5. How has your experience within the industry?

The music and now social media industry are arms of the general media complex. When you point out media lies, the music and social media industries seeks to punish you. They have done their best to hurt trapt, but we are still here doing our thing.

6. What was the inspiration behind your latest release?

“Try It First” is about opening up your heart in a dark world. It can be very hard, but the positives always outweigh the hate you might receive.

7. So far, what is the defining moment in your career?

When Headstrong became a smash hit

 8. Tell me about kind of switching up the style for "Try It First "

Try It First is classic trapt. Songs like Echo, These Walls, Contagious fit right with the song. I was able to write a pretty cool solo for that song though. The new album has a few really cool solos for the first time in a while, I have to say.

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