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Interview with Dirty O'Keeffe

Members of Stone Sour , Faith No More , Trash n Privilege and more have started a group called Dirty O'Keeffe. Here is the interview they did with Dejected!

They have a brand new single out with a very Faith No More sound.

1. How did the idea of merging forces and becoming a band come about?

I think it was Dave Raun's idea. He had played drums for all of us, at one time or another, and he thought it would be a good idea to do something while everyone was on a pandemic lock-down. Dave reached out to me and asked me to start sending him ideas for music. That's how "Brick or Bullet" came out.  It was fun and people dug it so we decided to do more. 

2. Would you consider yourselves a super group? Ahhhhh, no. I think Dave Grohl has to be in your band before people call you that

3. Was the goal to incorporate sounds from each group / the style of the individuals from each group or go a whole new direction? It wasn't so much a goal as inevitable. We all just play how we play. That's what is cool about Dirty O'Keeffe, everyone just brought their thing; mixed it together and  here you have it. 

4. Are there plans for more music to come?  Yes, we have more songs written and a few recorded that just didn't make the EP because of time constraints and schedules. 

5. Is touring on the docket? That's to be determined . Everyone is back to touring like crazy right now. Christian is out right now with Corey Taylor and Dave has Lagwagon dates coming up and who knows what Billy and Faith No More are going to do. Trash n Privilege has a few dates coming so we will see. We talk about doing something , but nothing is confirmed. 

6. Who chose the name and why? Dirty O'Keeffe came about when my wife was reading something about Georgia O'Keeffe while I was joking about cool nicknames starting with Dirty.  So that chocolate and peanut butter slammed into each other and Dirty O'Keeffe was born. 

7. I was reading that proceeds go towards SaveOurStages , can you tell us more about that?  Again that was Dave Raun's idea. Lagwagon and other bands were canceling tours because of COVID. That led to sound, lighting, and road crews being out of work. Dave was donating signed equipment to SaveOurStages auctions to help. He thought it would be cool to put out a single and video to raise awareness to the SaveOurStages organization and if we can raise a little money for them, that would be cool too.  

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