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Firpo Chompeavy Interview

1. Tell us about your release "  Fighting With a Stool  "

Fighting With a Stool is a true story. In 2020 Cristian (bass) was working in a pub in Edinburgh.

One night there was a bunch of drunk people and one of them, while he was going outside to smoke a cigarette, he stumbled in a stool and he started arguing and punch it.

That scene was absolutely hilarious and we decided to write a lyric about it. Giorgio (guitar) made the music and Cristian and Elia adapted the lyric to it.

2. What feeling do you hope people get from your music?

We hope that people can get something new, we would that people might think that our product is unique and original, something that they’ve never heard before.

3. How do you prepare for recording a track?

Usually Cristian and Giorgio write and record a song at home, they work on it until they think the structure of it makes sense.

Then they pass it to Elia (vocal) and Moreno (drums). Elia makes the vocal melody for him and Cristian and Moreno studies the percusions part.

After that Cristian and Elia write the Lyrics. In the end they adjust the different parts to make the structure more fluent.

When we have a complete song, home made recorded, we just keep studying it until we need to go to the recording studio.

We don’t do many rehersal, cause Cristian lives in Scotland and the rest of the band is in Collecchio.

4. What keeps your passion for music alive?

We all just love music and we want to make music in the way we love. Everyone of us is very different from the Others members of the band, but we all have the same goal.

5. Who do you look up to and how have they influenced you?

The project, at the beginning was influenced by Mondo Generator, Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss.

Then when Elia and Giorgio joined we started to follow another direction, more experimental.

So I would say that our biggest influence today are Mastodon and Kvelertak.

6. How has your music evolved over time?

From 2016, when the band was composed by Cristian, Moreno and Mudo (guitar and vocal) the idea was to make a stoner band,

then we evolved and we tried to become always more original and unique.

We love to insert noises and make our friends partecipate in one way or another, to the album.

Also Giorgio has a real passion for sounds and pedals, so our sound is improved a lot from the beginning, thanks to him.

7. How has your experience been with Wormholedeath?

Good so far, working with Ricky at the Titans Lab Studio was a pleasure.

8. What is your ultimate goal? 

The same of all the other bands, play with our idols

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