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ExecutiveRock - Death Toll Review


By way of background, ExecutiveRock was founded in 2018 by the lead/rhythm guitarist Elton Marques, a savvy Financial Market Executive from the City of London who never managed to give up Rock n Roll and music playing. Mixing comprehensive understanding in economics and passion for Rock n Roll, ExecutiveRock music writing is driven by multiple cultures and themes that affect us all in life. With influences that range from Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Heavy Metal, ExecutiveRock delivers strong, gritty and vibrant Rock n Roll for all and everyone!


This one just really straight up felt like a headbanging heavy metal anthem! Right off the bat that riff took me away to another place. This is one of those songs that just gets you super amped , hyped and ready to go! I love the overall just gritty and dirty feeling you get here. This track had some elements that were reminiscent of early Megadeth work for me. It just has that right attitude, playing and production metalheads appreciate.

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