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Everlust Interview

Interview with Vlad of Everlust.

1. What about music makes you love it?

Music is a kind of art that has a very unique impact on you. It takes a great part of our lives, more than any other kind of art. It's everywhere. And I have the ability to make music that I like very much.

2. When and how did the band form?

Everlust as a band formed in 2013, when we gathered the first line-up and started rehearsing and getting ready to play. Everlust as a concept was founded by me a lot earlier - in 2006, when I started to write my own songs. That time I lacked leadership and couldn't find the right people, so after some unsuccessful attempts, I recorded the first demo "Unreal" by myself in 2007 and then stepped away from music for a while. So, after forming in 2013, we finally made our first concert in 2014 and after many line-up changes, in 2016 we finally got the stable line-up with regular concerts, recorded  our first album "Hurts to Live" and released it in 2017.

3. Could you see yourself ever doing anything else? Or is it your biggest passion?

Music actually is my main hobby and my great passion. But all of us in a band are not professional musicians and we have our regular work not connected to music.

4. What do you think makes a song great?

In my opinion, a song has to touch you and has to make you want to listen to it once again. It is some kind of formula of emotions you put in, catchy tune and vocals and good production.

5. How has your experience been with Wormholedeath?

We got introduced to WormHoleDeath by our manager Agrita from THP Production in 2019. And since 2020 we are part of the WormHoleDeath family. I truly appreciate the attitude from Carlo and Naty. It's just the matter of working hard, putting your heart and soul into your work, being kind and honest.

6. Do you have any favorites on the Wormholedeath roster?

Lamori. Their music style is pretty close and also has those gothic vibes. We had the opportunity to play two gigs together and that was a great time and experience. Furthermore their vocalist Matias made guest vocals on "Entwined" from our second album "Diary of Existence".

7. What are your plans for future releases?

We are currently working on new songs. One song is almost ready and soon we are planning to reveal more information about it, so stay tuned.

8. What's going through your mind after you finish a song?

Oh it's a great feeling. Some sort of accomplishment. But, there are times when you still finish the song even after release, because you start to feel it different or find a new inspiration that it lacked before. You start to play it differently or even make a new version.

9. Tell us about your release " Alone "

Alone is a song about feeling of abandonedness, when you think that you have people around you, but actually they don't see you, hear you and feel you. Making the video for Alone was also a great adventure. We travelled about 100 km to find this interesting place by the sea. Then we carried our equipment about 2km because there was no place to park the cars near. Our vocalist Kate had a headache, but managed to get the right mood for the video. The weather was so chill and wet, that we had to warm ourselves between the filming. And I am very proud of the result.

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