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Duckwalk Chuck Interview

Interview about Duckwalk Chuck!

1. How did you decide the style of music you wanted to play?

I guess we're all natural born rockers, hehehe. When we started, we all had a mutual love for hard rock and played some AC/DC, Twisted Sister and Judas Priest tunes. Pretty soon we grew tired of playing covers, and started writing ourselves. We've been playing only original material for the last 15 years or so 🙂

2. What's an important message you want to portray through your work?

We mostly write about parties, good times and rock'n'roll. No politics, no hassle, just some good ol' hard rock to have a beer to and enjoy.

3. What's the significance of the band name? 

Chuck Berry did the duckwalk, so we tip our hats to him with that name.

4. State some of your earliest influences! 

AC/DC, Motörhead, Judas Priest, Chuck Berry to name a few. Rock, hard rock and blues are all generes we've grown up with. It's in the blood.

5. What do you want to be remembered for?

Our music, of course, and our relentless live shows. No matter if there's one dude/dudette in the audience or the venue is packed full, we always give it 100%

6. Your favorite part of making a track? 

When it all comes together. The structure and the lyrics, melody and solo. It's a great feel when we all are satisfied, and we just hope the audience will be too.

7. One message for your listeners? 

We aren't done yet, so keep listening 🙂

8. Tell us about your release " All Fired Up "

The creative process never stops, so writing new material was allready in the works when "High Speed City" came out. However, a studio session and pressing albums is never cheap, so we had to put aside some funds to make "Fired Up" happen. Then the pandemic struck... After the worst was over, the society let up a bit, allowing us to get together in the studio and record the material. "Fired Up" is connected to "High Speed City" both in music and apperance. The previous album shows tail-lights going into the city, and this one is pictured in the city. A bit inspired by the "Somwhere In Time" cover by Iron Maiden, hints towards songs and events in our (then) 20 years long span can be seen. There is also a nod to Iron Maidens cover artist Derek Riggs hidden in the neon lights.

The songs are mostly about good times rock'n'roll, with nothing serious behind them. The lyrics for World On Fire are a bit darker than the others, with no more hidden meaning than they fit the song.

9.  Tell me about your experience with Wormholedeath.

They've been great, and both Carlo and Nat has been really hands-on with the international launch of "Fired Up".

We're not a big band or known name, but they treat us with professionality and respect. 


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