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Crystal Gates Interview

1. What about music makes you love it?

Oh, I could write an essay, or a book about this! But well, I think of music as the soundtrack to our lives. Can you imagine watching a movie without a soundtrack? A romantic scene, an epic battle, or even a moment of suspense and tension without its music to make it more memorable and intense? Music brings more color into life, and makes the memories everlasting.

2. When and how did the band form?

It started as a side project, recording covers together with Caro, just for fun. At some point I started writing our own songs, and we released our first EP after a few years of work.

3. Could you see yourself ever doing anything else? Or is your biggest passion?

It is my biggest passion without a doubt. As cliché as it sounds, it really feels like music chose me, and not the other way around. I wanted to write music from a very early age, even though it wasn't really encouraged in my family. I was just drawn to it, and I don't think I will ever stop doing it.

4. What do you think makes a song great?

The greatest songs make you feel something. Either something new, or something known in a new way. It's funny how whenever I find some new music that I love, it really feels like it has always been there, like it resonates with something that I had been carrying inside, and the song shows it to me in all its splendor. There's some strange familiarity to it. I guess in the end what that means is that great songs make a connection to something very human inside of us, that can cross the boundaries that we set up ourselves.

5. How has your experience been with Wormholedeath?

It has been great so far. They helped us get a lot of media attention. We've never done so many interviews! Also having our album released worldwide, including Japan is a great highlight for us. 

6. What are your plans for future releases?

We are working on two releases for this year, if all goes well, but we still need to keep it secret until we can share news about it. The wait is going to be worth it, we can assure you that!

7. What's going through your mind after you finish a song?

Happiness mostly, creating a song that expresses something that's honest and lives deep inside of me is a great feeling. Few things in life compare to that.

8. Tell us about your release " My Glorious Fall "

This song speaks about the process of creating new music. All its ups and lows, and how it feels to go from the despair of fighting a seemingly eternal writer's block to the joy of creating something that you love. It's about searching your memories and loneliness for some light and hope.

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