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1. You’re very prevalent in the trash community, the trash scene, how did that come about?

I basically helped start the group like season one. Pretty much what happened Grim had like a facebook page or whatever and I kind of already had my own shit going and kind of just like teamed up and then dude just started making youtube videos and its pretty much the path we went.

2. Did you have this whole look and style in mind before you started making music or did it shape and form along the way?

I would say it kind of like just came along the way like I have that thing where you just like see faces and everything like in walls and dirt and shit. I kind of just saw like a rabbit made out of snow that was melting and shit and I ended up using that instead of what I was doing before in the sad gang stuff because it was just a different aesthetic than I wanted to do with cruelkame.

3. Me and Eli talk a lot and I’ve been seeing this new shit about villains the new project, how’s that been going and what’s it all about?

Its not a definite name were gonna probably change it. I’d say its just like a blueprint, well probably end up changing the name eventually. I would just say were just trying to do like some music shit where all of us are just kind of bored with solo shit so just trying to team up and do stuff.

4. So you guys just wanted to step aside from the solo shit temporarily and kind of do some group work?

Not necessarily step away from solo stuff because I make a song a day type of shit so I got time to record with group stuff too.

5. You mentioned to me in our last interview about this new ep or album CruelR4id 2, is that being dropped soon and how was the process working on that? What can we expect to hear?

CruelR4id 2 is out right now it dropped on the 3rd. Basically what I’m looking to do now is just drop a bunch of music videos for it just spread the aesthetic around, probably do some amvs on trash and stuff like that. Other than that I’m just gonna stay busy and work on more projects. I have another album coming out called The adventures of Cruel so it’ll be pretty dope.

6. I wanna talk about Sadgasam and how and why did you come up with this and whats the idea behind it? Was it just for promotional reason?

Sadgasam was this thing that I was doing before rap music like I just had this page called Sadgasam. me and my boy was just like homeless and shit posting aesthetics and stuff and ended up making music. I kind of just got the name searching up random Japanese names and just patched it together. A lot of people don’t even know that the kanji at the end of it, I picked it because it looked like one of the clouds from dragon ball z nimbus.

7. How did you end up meeting and building a relationship with your producer?

I was working on submissions for the trash youtube channel and basically I found one song that I heard from raid and it was really dope. It was more like electronic edm and I wanted to rap over but kind of make it more hip hop. So that was kind of like the idea was just to mix edm with hip hop and I encouraged him to move away from edm to hip hop there was just like a bigger scene for him in hip hop because he’s such a good producer. He’s definitely grown a lot since he came to hip hop.

8. You mentioned you get compared to Tyler the Creator often, do you enjoy hearing that comparison or does it get bothering at times?

Honestly I’d rather get compared to Tyler than fuckin bones or suicide boys or any of these guys who are like just real prevalent in the underground because it just gets kind of fucking annoying where they put you in like this little tiny fuckin box. I mean there is a lot of dudes who copy those guys but my shit don’t sound nothing like them so it would sound stupid to even say Cruelkame sounds like bones or suicide boys, I don’t even fuckin rap on funky so I don’t really wanna hear that shit. The Tyler shit is cool though, I fuck with Tyler. I fucked with odd future as a young kid growing up.

9. You definitely mentioned cartoons being a major source for your inspiration, can you name a few for reference?

A few cartoons I really like and inspire me are Super jail, Aqua team hunger force and not necessarily a cartoon but Quasimodo the artist, his art really inspires my art a lot.

10. Are you really big on performing live or is that something that’s not really your thing?

I believe every rapper should be a mc like being able to rock the crowd. When the shows open up id like to do it but as far as like virtual shit that shits kind of awkward its not really my thing. I cant even pay attention to that shit like I have a short attention span. I watch like 5 minutes of it and just turn away and like start  playing league of legends or some shit.

11. Do you take submissions for trash?

Me personally I’ll reach out to an artist and if I like them then I’ll dish them to the group type shit. As far as submissions for trash, we have like a website where people can submit to and a back-end team will vote on it so its like a fair voting process pretty much.

12. Hell yeah that’s awesome. So its fair to say you’re pretty deeply rooted right?

With trash I’d say yeah, with the underground I just started around 2017 so I wouldn’t say I’m as rooted as somebody like Eddie Baker or something. I kind of just made my own path with my boys and that’s it.

13. Didn’t you mention that Eddie Baker threw you a verse for free?

Yeah I reached out to him and asked him for a verse. I mean I was playing like ps4 and shit with him before I asked him for a verse and shit. I don’t know we were just randomly talking about music and he was just like yo I’d collab with you and I was like word I’m about to send you a song. Kind of worked out like that.

14. What can we expect to see in 2021 from you?

A lot of controversial songs and a lot of shit talking songs too. Real bully rap.

15. On that topic, I seen that suicide boys bones diss, was that just kind of the fuck around and have fun or was there some real substance to it?

No I was just fuckin around you know, I think hip hop should be fun. I mean I shouldn’t have been like suicide boys bones, I shouldn’t have put that in the title. But I wont be doing that in the future I was just kind of doing that just to test the waters and see what kind of traction it would get for something like that. But as far as like real beef with those dudes, I’m not trying to make music and beef with people in the industry that’s not my goal. My goal is to just get in and make as much money and get the fuck out type shit.

16. If you could just give one message to all your fans and supporters right now, what would you say?

Don’t be afraid to be different and say shit people don’t like.

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