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Cor de Lux - Syncopated Review

Songwriter Dawn Moraga says about this track:

“This song represents the rat race we sometimes find ourselves in, which keeps us from the synchronicity of Earth. When I wrote the lyrics to this song I imagined comatose individuals on a chess board unable to move themselves. I also saw a hope of people coming alive and becoming syncopated. Watching so much negativity in the media in 2020, this song became a cry of what I wish could be.”

I highly enjoyed this track. It has this immense melancholic vibe going on. It's oddly upbeat but also sort of down and sad simultaneously.  I love how good music can do that. The melody is off the chain and fantastic. This is the type of song to listen to after a hard day and kind of wallow in your feelings. These kinds of songs are needed! The vocal style also struck me as unique, but beautifully flows with the awesome instrumental. It's a bit rough but also refined sounding at the same time. Considering the blue lyrics / subject matter, this track is quite soothing.

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