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Celelalte Cuvinte - Plecind Incet Review

Artist overview:

Celelalte Cuvinte (English:The Other Words) is a Romanian rock band formed in December 1981 by Călin Pop (lead vocals, lead guitar, and blockflöte/recorder), Marcel Breazu (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Leontin Iovan (drums), while they were still students in Timișoara, Banat, south-western Romania. Celelalte Cuvinte has been regarded as a very eclectic, intellectual yet at the same time heavy band as well as the second most important one on the Romanian rock scene after Transsylvania Phoenix by the Romanian rock music press.


I absolutely loved this track. The technical playing , the groove , the craftsmanship is absolutely insane on this track. 100% ear candy. This band is playing super tightly and rocking hard. These guys have been through the rock and roll wars and you can hear it! The layering of tones in this song is so pleasing. This tracks feels like a mix of old and modern rock music , it is done so well! Old-school and modern fans of good metal music can enjoy this one. The guitar work really stands out to me on this song, these riff structures are so fun! Reccomended.

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