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Belle Morte Interview

Interview with Belle Morte , Wormholedeath signed group.

1. Tell us about your release " exorcism"

“Exorcism” is the third single in our international collaborative series, which started with Finnish tagelharpa in “Fallen Idol”’ and was followed by Ukrainian bandura in “Krew”. This time we used traditional Mongolian mornin khuur and throat singing. Collaborating with Ulziisaikhan Khoroldamba has been a truly unique and challenging experience and it never stops to amaze me how music has the power to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together.

2. What feeling do you hope people get from your music?

I hope that people feel a sense of emotional connection. I want our music to transport listeners to another world, where they can experience a range of feelings from dark and haunting to beautiful and uplifting. It has always been this way for me, when it comes to my favorite tracks they have the power to somehow change the perception of reality, even if it is for a short moment.

3. How do you prepare for recording a track?

It really depends on a track. With some of them it is harder than with the others, and you never know how it will be until you come to the studio. But in general I like to record some preliminary demo, analyze it and think through what emotions I want to show in every line. Sometimes I print the lyrics and write it down, it really helps. We also have a lot of internal discussions, so other band members’ feedback really helps in finding the proper sound.  

4. What keeps your passion for music alive?

The songwriting process itself, I guess. I can’t imagine not doing it. Music has always been a huge part of my life and without it there would be a void left that can’t be filled by anything else. 

I love the feeling of creating something new. And seeing how my songs evolve into something bigger when the other band members join their efforts with me. 

5. Who do you look up to and how have they influenced you?

There are numerous bands and singers on my list, throughout all genres. My first musical obsession was Roxette. That’s literally the music from my childhood and they affected the way I perceive music in many ways. Then more heavy stuff followed, but I think Slipknot, Tool, Rotting Christ and Behemoth left the deepest imprints. 

Overall, I am inspired by artists who are able to convey raw emotion and connect with their audiences on a deep level, and I strive to do the same through my music.

6. How has your music evolved over time?

Comparing our latest singles and the album we recorded before, I can say that we began to use a lot of ethnic instruments and incorporate different influences. Besides, we are pushing the genre boundaries even more than we did. Each new track represents a separate story, and this gives us a lot of freedom. So now we are diving into a particular music tradition and take inspiration from it. This experiment will take us places, it already resulted in having some blues and reggae elements already, and we are not done with several tracks yet, who knows what will follow next.

But we still want to keep the sound that made us unique, so that when someone who knew our old songs heard the new stuff they could recognize the artist. It will still be Belle Morte. So the core doesn’t change.

7. How has your experience been with Wormholedeath?

Signing with Wormholdedeath was a huge step forward for us. Having a label behind your back can open some doors that otherwise remain locked.

But we all realize that no label can do the work for you to make you popular or to make your music be loved, that’s the work that only a band can do. 

8. What is your ultimate goal? 

I don’t think there can be any ultimate goals in music: when you reach a new height there’s always something more out there waiting. So speaking of more down-to-earth goals, it would be reaching a wider audience, touring and performing live shows and continuing to create and evolve as an artist, producing the music that leaves a lasting impression.

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