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Bayline Interview

1. How did you decide the style of music you wanted to play? 

We all love loud music, coming from punk/emo/nu-metal bands. With our previous band, we were all in the same band before Bayline, we played a more hardcore/rock’nroll type of music. And even then we already used a lot of melody in our songs that made us the odd one out. After some line-up changes we thought to ourselves; “Okay what if we stop trying to write hardcore songs and try some shit out. That’s when I started singing along with the screaming. And over time that evolved even more. Also with the writing of the music we tried to expand our horizons. It’s not that we decided that we want to play this style of music. We just go in and write what feels good, experiment a little and see where it takes us.

2. What's an important message you want to portray through your work? 

Most of our songs are about the society we live in addressing past and current issues. But we also have more personal songs about anxiety, depression and finding yourself. We hope people can relate to the subjects we address. And with our live shows we also like to give a lot of energy that comes with these songs and have a good time with the audience.

3. What's the significance of the band name?  

We had a lot of ideas for band names. But we didn’t want that our name already pushes you in some kind of direction. So it couldn’t be political or too dark or whatever. We were going for a fresh sounding band name that sticks. Our bass player Anthony came up with the name Bayline. His childhood neighbor owned a boat and it was of the brand Bayliner. And later on he and his friends still talked a lot about the boat Bayliner, because those were some awesome boats. So the name Bayliner always stuck with him. When thinking about a band name, Bayliner popped up in his head. So he ditched the ‘r’ and there you go: Bayline.

4. State some of your earliest influences!  

We all have a love different styles of music we love. Obviously we have a big love for punk rock so from that we really like Rise Against, Hot Water Music, AFI, Propagandhi. But we also listen to some heavier styles of music such as Architects, Shai Hulud, August Burns Red etc. As for the singing part the influences are clearly more emo and rock based like At the Drive-in, Deftones, Foo Fighters, Thrice and stuff like that.

I think you have got a hint of all these styles in our music.

5. What do you want to be remembered for?  

For it it's all about the music. We just hope we can leave a lasting impression with our music. That in 10 years people will still listen to our music and have a fond memory of our music and/or live show.

6. Your favorite part of making a track?  

Everything! It’s just so great to have an idea and then mold it into a song. We always start with the music first, so it’s also a great moment when the vocals get added. That can change the whole feeling it gives to your song.

7. One message for your listeners?  

Go to shows, have fun and support the bands!

8. Tell us about your release "I Choose Love"

When we started writing we aimed to write songs that could appeal to a wide range of rock music fans. So we wrote these songs with an open mind and tried new things. Also working with more dynamics in the songs, which resulted in a diverse album with uptempo songs and slower songs. I Choose Love is full of catchy, melodic, raw, punk and rock tracks with

a touch of emo, all brought with the same punch. As for the lyrics and the themes we chose to address. We saw a common theme throughout the songs and that was LOVE. You can lose yourself in all the negativity and your own (negative) thoughts but I CHOOSE LOVE.


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