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Asylum Pyre - There, I Could Die Review


Asylum Pyre has a real musical identity: power; melody, modern loops, mixing traditional and modern styles plus 2 voices: lead female singer (and additional male vocals) Asylum Pyre was founded by its bandleader, Johann Cadot, who has now developed a real concept (story/visual) placed in a pre-apocalyptic world. A Green Manifesto.


I thought this was very well done. It's is super melodic with female lead vocals with an angelic quality! There is quite a symphonic quality here that works well with the vocal style, it is not overwhelming but balanced. It's teetering between hard rock and metal so I found it to be very palatable to fans of either or both genres. The instrumental work was very distinct and notable, it's very passionate and jam packed full on talented musicians. The production is quite on point as well. You can hear their effort, I applaud it. The imagery within the video adds another enjoyable layer to this track too, I reccomend it! Quite a performance I would say.

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