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Areis Interview

Interview with Wormholedeath signed band Areis

1. How was the style of music you make decided?

We all have different tastes and musical backgrounds, some are more into hardcore/punk while others are more into death/black metal. Things happened naturally while blending all of our influences.

2. How are disagreements handled in the band?

We are good friends in the first place, before being a band. So we just talk things through and make sure everyone agrees to anything before going forward.

3. Best concert or performance you've seen?

I have seen so many shows, it is super hard to pick ! I was very impressed by the raw energy of Walls Of Jericho. Just raw power, very simple show (in a good way) and right in your face.

4. What goes into making a good song?

For the style we play, I'd say a good memorable chorus and at some point a nasty breakdown !

5. How has your experience with Wormholedeath been?

I've known Carlo (head of the label) for 10+ years now, he is a genuinely passionate nice guy and does what he can to help us with the resources available to him.

6. What was the inspiration behind your latest release?

Our first album released last year is this blend of extreme metal and hardcore/punk, with dark lyrics often inspired by our region (Occitania) and its culture.

7. What drew you to the music industry?

Just passion, the passion for creating music and friends wanting to have some fun.

8. What's your day to day routine? 

We all have our standard daily life, jobs, significant others etc. So the band is a passion project we do aside from our daily lives.

9. Tell us about your release " Under The Sun  " 

Occitania is located in the south of France and is a very sunny region with its mediterranean weather. So we took a dark/occult approach to speak about the sun. “Under The Sun” evokes the prophecy of a mysterious entity related to the sun. Freed after ages of imprisonment, it wants to bring the one true light over the Earth.

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