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Amerakin Overdose Interview

1. What about music makes you love it?

To be able to let go of every emotions we may be feeling. To be able to express our ideas and have other people be able to connect with it and have our music affect others and the audience has their own meaning of the song/meaning. It feels great when people learn our songs and sing along or when they tell us what they think the song means to them and what they think it’s about. 

2. When and how did the band form?

Cody started the band back in the summer of 2009 working alongside Human (Producer) composing and recording what would later be the self titled album. In early 2010 Amerakin Overdose started playing shows all over in Oregon and Washington sometimes up to 6 times a week. 

3. Could you see yourself ever doing anything else? Or is your biggest passion?

Music is what I live for. Even if I never get to do it full time as a full time career, I will always write and play music for as long as I live. Music runs through my blood and it’s my purpose for living. Long after I am gone, I will live forever through my music. 

4. What do you think makes a song great?

Something that connects with me (the listener). When I can relate to what is being said in the lyrics. When the music gives me goosebumps and I can hear and feel what the composer is feeling and you can tell they are pouring out their heart into the music. When a lyric, a melody, a riff or a beat is non stop stuck in my head, that is what I consider a great song. 

5. How has your experience been within the industry?

  Our experience has been alright. It’s a ton of work. We have had some major ups and many downs but we don’t let anything stop us from moving forward and continuing to spread the word about Amerakin Overdose. The industry is most certainly about who you know and if you put out money, you’ll get attention from important industry folks. You’ve got to invest in your art in order to be seen and heard. 

6. Do you have any favorites youve played shows with?

We’ve been lucky to play with many of our favorite bands. I don’t want to name anyone in particular since they’ve all been experiences we are thankful to have. We have many more bands we would love to play alongside with. 

7. What are your plans for future releases? 

At this time our plan is to continue to release new music and video's every few month's with a goal to release our 3 full length album in 2024. We are a band that is always writing and recording and we have a ton of material on the back burner we are finishing up as well. 

8. What's going through your mind after you finish a song? 

Is the song really done? What else can I do to this? I have the problem of always wanting to fine tune or add more and I drive myself crazy over thinking it. Many times I just need to remind myself, I’ve given all I have to this song, don’t over saturate it and make it sound forced because the people can tell. 

9. Tell us about your release " Disconnect  "

Disconnect is a song about taking a good look at the world around you and not being able to relate to what is going on. You’re somewhere unfamiliar and you don’t want to be a part of it. It’s like you are living in your worst nightmare and you just want to wake up and have it all be a weird dream. Disconnect was a fun song to make. When the music was finished, I had no idea what I wanted to do vocally or how to approach it. All I had to do was scroll through social media for a few minutes and BAM, the inspiration was there and I was ignited and wrote lyrics and melody to what became Disconnect.  

10. You bring a fresh sound with an oldschool feeling, how would you describe the band? 

I’ve called us “kinky slutty metal” because we are willing to try and do anything. We don’t limit our sound to try and fit in some sort of specific genre. We love a good catchy beat that will get caught in your head and that makes people bop their head to it and makes the ladies want to shake their ass to it. We also love to mix that in with heavy catchy groovy guitar riffs and I love to blend the aggressive screaming vocals with catchy hooks and melodies. 

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